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Mark James

Hi, I’m Mark James, and welcome to my page.  

For about twenty years, I worked for the BBC in London, before moving to Thailand in 2012 and I was given the opportunity to work for Radio1.asia as an on-air presenter during their start up phase, and jumped at the chance.

We are busy working hard on what will be my first series of shows, with the best 80’s music.  I will be playing some of those tracks that aren’t always on the mainstream station’s playlists, so don’t get the airtime that they probably deserve!

Why not email me and tell me what your favourite 80’s music is, and I will give you a shout out!  Better still, send me a voice clip!  You can do that using the WhatsApp tab on the homepage of the website, or email me at  mark.james@radio1.asia

Keep checking our Facebook page for details of when the shows will be on air!

Here is a link to the show page:    The 80’s Show – with Mark James (COMING SOON!)

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